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Creamy Lanolin Spray Lanolize Wool Sheepish Grins  Handmade All-Natural Eco-Friendly Bath & Body  Boerne San Antonio Texas

Creamy Lanolin Spray 4.5 oz (EO) Water Free

Water-free version. This is shipped with everything except the water to save on shipping for our international customers (just a fraction of the shipping weight of the full version). Just add distilled water, replace sprayer top and shake to mix. It's ready to use!

Silky smooth and easy to use, Sheepish Grins ™ Creamy Spray Lanolin is the most stable spray lanolin you can buy.  It very rarely separates and it is super easy to use. Moisturize and condition your wool diaper soakers and covers in one easy step. Available in several delicious scents, you'll love this simple lanolin spray.


While our exact recipe is a secret, all ingredients are chosen for their mildness. We use cosmetic grade ingredients, purified lanolin, and skin-safe scents.


Available in a 4.5 ounce size so you can try several scents. Compare price per ounce to other brands!

To use: Just shake gently and spray well onto both sides of your freshly clean wool soaker and gently massage into the fibers. Allow your wool item to soak it in. Once dry, your wool will function properly once again. You will need to wash your cover as needed and reapply.


(EO) - Essential Oils or Natural Extracts typically from plants and herbs. None of the scents in this selection use chemical fragrances. Great choice for those sensitive to chemical fragrances.

(FO) - Fragrance Oils typically are chemically derived fragrances manufactured to replicate scents. Great for fragrances that can't otherwise be added to products and for those with sensitivities to essential oils.

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